Adrian Pye



StatusInternational markets in Kebony AS

Number of years with En Nielsen 13

Usage Using it daily, traveling and at work. Then I know that I carry with me what I need.

Content Three pens, Norwegian and foreign currency, credit cards, two phones, passports, business cards, coins, patches, toothpicks, bank ID, tennis membership card and a comb.

Strongest En Nielsen memory That must be when I was stopped at Kennedy airport and was told that I could not have it on me there. I replied that I have it on me in every country I'm in, and the USA will be no exception.




StatusPartner in WergelandApenes and a Family Man

Number of years with En Nielsen 19

Usage I wear it daily. It's either on me or it hangs near across a chair with my jacket.

Content Money, credit cards, notebook, pens, knife, keys for home and office, memory stick, bank-ID, cell phone, business cards, bicycle key, local transit pass, driver’s license, receipts and stamps.

Strongest En Nielsen memoryThat is when I forget it. It has happened three times, last time on a tennis court in Hyde Park, where I had hung it on the fence while playing. After I had left the court, I discovered I had forgotten it there, and ran back. I felt really naked!




StatusAssistant Director of Defense

Number of years with En Nielsen 10

Usage I wear En Nielsen under my jacket. When I hang up my jacket, or change, all my things remain with me. As long as I wear a jacket, I use En Nielsen. When casual, I just take out the card holder with money and credit cards.

ContentMoney, pens, business cards, coins, pocketknife, medicines, extra contact lenses, cell phone, cards, passport, class lists, mouth to mouth resuscitation mask, etc.

Strongest En Nielsen memoryOften linked to social gatherings, when others suddenly discover there is something under my jacket. The wow effect–the feeling of wearing something that nobody else notices–is always rather enjoyable.

A good En Nielsen adviceI recommend that the content be personalized. Attempt to make it cover all your needs, so you don’t have to carry anything else. You have to be consistent, and use En Nielsen regularly. This way you will enjoy it.



StatusEntrepreneur, Initiator to, and Conductor of City Projects

Number of years with En Nielsen 20

Usage I wear En Nielsen all the time. Sometimes my wife asks me to drop it when we are going to a party. She thinks it is embarrassing when people ask. I also happily wear it without a jacket, and even on the beach. I use it even when riding my motorbike – with the jacket open. But playing squash wearing it is a bit problematic.

ContentAll cards, money, receipts, business cards, pens, football valve, laser pen, PC remote control, firestarter briquettes, sunglasses and reading glasses. The only thing I miss is a hook for my key ring. The contents change depending on what I am doing. To never have to search for something is quite unique!

Strongest En Nielsen memoryI am terribly fond and proud of my En Nielsen, and cannot manage without it. Many small memorable episodes are of the nature: “Yes! I brought that too!”

A good En Nielsen adviceWorry not what others may think. It is superbly practical. Being unable to find things is embarrassing.



StatusRetired Civ.Eng./M.Sc.

Number of years with En Nielsen 18

Usage I always wear it – also when skiing and when carrying a rucksack. I do not wear it when swimming, and no longer wear it under a tuxedo, because of my figure. Often I wear just a waistcoat over it. At first I was shy about showing it off. Now I even wear it bare-chested in the summer.

ContentIn the inside pockets I have money and a print of my agenda. Spare keys for car and house are in my right side pocket, and in the left I keep small change. On the outside I have two pens, a telescopic pointer – plus a key ring that hangs from a hook I had installed. I keep a comb, although I do not have any hair. Toothpicks and a pocketknife are also included.

Strongest En Nielsen memorySurely that must have been during a security check in the US, when a big strong security lady pulled her gun before she realized what it was. When she did, she smiled shyly and apologized.

A good En Nielsen adviceIt is very safe when travelling, also with regard to pickpockets. You can be properly dressed without damaging your jacket and your pockets. You always have everything, and in one place.