Adjustment & use

En Nielsen is constructed for people of all sizes. It conforms to the body with use. It is adjustable for height and width. Some like to wear it high, while others prefer it hanging just above the hip. Try out different adjustments till it feels right for you.


En Nielsen has four adjustment screws, and five adjustment holes on each strap. See illustration below. When you are comfortable with your adjustments, you can cut the ends off the straps inside the main compartments. Leather is pliant and becomes softer with wear. En Nielsen generally does not require any maintenance, but a touch of leather conditioner never goes amiss.


  1. Remove adjustment screws
  2. Adjust straps to desired height and width
  3. Align the holes, using a conical awl or equivalent
  4. Press thumb nut through aligned holes
  5. Enter screw and tighten with a screw driver


Good luck!